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Peace River Interiors was started in 2003 as an interior decorating firm and fabric supplier in Cape Town. Seeing a demand for finished product we started manufacturing our own curtaining and hardware.

In 2009 we were offered an Italian agency called Mottura. Mottura is a manufacturer of quality Curtain Rail and Roller blind systems, both Electronic and Manual. We now assemble and manufacture over 50 different Mottura products. 

Mottura has made it possible for us to supply solutions to situations that were previously not possible. We have successfully supplied Mottura products to many high end commercial and residential projects.

Our in house Decorators and Installers are well educated in our product and are able to advise you on the best item for you. 

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Address 1 Ceres Road, Cnr Koeberg and Ceres Road                 
Milnerton 7441                
Phone +21 5510068                
Fax +21 5510430                
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